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Q & A

Frequently asked questions and answer

How much does a Dutch museum card cost?
    A Dutch museum card cost you € 99,95 including shipping (to your Hotel in the Netherlands) and excluding handling costs (€7,00).
How much is the handling cost for the Dutch museum card?
    The handling charges are €7,00 this includes all administrative operations.
Is it possible to buy a Dutch museum card for another person?
    Yes, it is possible to buy a dutch museum card for another person, you need to fill in the personal details in the application form and add a photo ID.
Can i use the Dutch museum card for all dutch museums?
    No, not all Dutch museums are affiliated with the
Dutch museum card. The association of Dutch museums counts 422 members. In total there are 1250 museums in the Netherlands. With the Dutch museum card we cover about 400 museums (see museum overview here).
Is my Dutch museum card personal?
    Yes, your card is personalized with your personal information and your photo ID.
You can find an example of a Dutch museum card

Can i buy a Dutch museum family card?
    No, there is no Dutch museum family card. A Dutch museum card is strictly personal.
Can i have the Dutch museum card delivered at my hotel in the Netherlands?
    Yes, delivering your Dutch Museum Card at you hotel upon your arrival in the Netherlands is FREE.
What to do when you lose your Dutch museum card?
    Go to the police and let them make a report that your Dutch museum card is lost. Then call 0900-40 40 910 (€ 0,35 per call) available on weekdays only, from 09.00-17.00 and report your lost Dutch museum card. They'll block immediately your Dutch museum card.
Can i use my card straight away or do i need to activate my card?
    You need to activate your card, in accordance with the instructions you will receive with your order.
Am I really a sponsor of the Dutch museums when i buy a Dutch museum card?
    Yeah, you're really a sponsor of the Dutch museums when you buy a Dutch museum card, because a large portion of the revenue is returned to the affiliated museums
Can i transfer my card to another person?
    No, your card is personal, your ID (eg passport) must match your museum card.
Sometimes i need to pay a surcharge on top of my Dutch museum card, why is that?
Some museum ask for a surcharge due to special organised exhibitions.This surcharge is not only for Dutch museum card holders but it is also on top of the normal museum entrance fee.

Is my Dutch museum card subscription every year  automatically renewed?
    No, your Dutch museum card subscription is NOT automatically renewed every year.
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